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A collection of short stories based upon a world created by Terri Windling and edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold. Charles de Lint wrote a short story entitled "Stick" for the first Borderland anthology.

"Stick" tells the story of of a young girl who founds trouble in many directions because she is a half breed elf. The pureblood elves and humans both have disdain for half-breeds, and she finds herself the target of many of these groups. Luckily, while being beat up by a group of Elves, Stick, a human rescues hers and delivers her the Horn Dance, a group who try to maintain some peace in the chaos of the Borderland. The young girl is determined to thank her savior, but Stick prefers to hide from the outside world, but what happens when an Elvish gang groups together to pay back Stick for saving the young girl?

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