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Dingo is a hardcover YA novel published in 2008 by Firebird Publishing and Viking Publishing. The summary, as given on sites) is as follows:

High school senior Miguel's life is turned upside down when he meets new girl Lainey, whose family has just moved from Australia. With her tumbled red-gold hair, her instant understanding of who he is, and her unusual dogówith fur the same colour as her hairóLainey is unforgettable. And, as he quickly learns, she is on the run from an ancient bargain made by her ancestors. There's no question that Miguel will do whatever he can to help heróbut what price will each of them have to pay?

This was the first Newford book the editor read, and she didn't realize it was in Newford (after she'd read some other CdL books) until she was told. It doesn't feel like a Newford book, but the editor thought it was a good place to start reading CdL.

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