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This is the list of CdL books; so far, we're working on the Newford and Ottawa collections, but feel free to add any CdL book you like!

Each book will have its own page - if "your" book hasn't got an entry yet, it will be marked with a little question mark. In this case, click it and create the page yourself! You may want to have a look at one of the already existing pages for guidance about the format.

It's easy to create a new link, just enter the title in double square brackets.

The Newford Books:

Edited/In Progress:

The Painted Boy?
The Very Best of Charles de Lint
Muse and Reverie
Little Grrl Lost
The Blue Girl
A Circle Of Cats
The Dreaming Place
Dreams Underfoot
The Hour Before Dawn
The Ivory And The Horn
Memory And Dream
Moonlight And Vines
The Onion Girl
Seven Wild Sisters
Spirits In The Wires
Tapping The Dream Tree
Waifs And Strays
The Newford Stories

To Do:

Forests Of The Heart
From A Whisper To A Scream?
I'll Be Watching You?
Little Lost
Medicine Road?
Someplace To Be Flying
Promises To Keep?

The Ottawa Books

Edited/In Progress:

Jack The Giant Killer

To Do:

Angel Of Darkness?
Spirit Walk?
Drink Down The Moon?
Jack Of Kinrowan? (Two-in-one: Jack The Giant Killer and Drink Down The Moon?)

Other Books:

Edited/In Progress:

Wolf Moon
Triskell Tales
Triskell Tales 2

To Do:

The Riddle Of The Wren?
The Little Country?
The Wild Wood
The Mystery of Grace?
The Harp of the Grey Rose?
The Fair in Emain Macha?

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