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The Wordwood


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A young artist returns to her cabin in the deep woods of Canada to concentrate on her illustrations. But somehow, strange and beautiful creatures are slipping into her drawings and sketches. The world of Faerie is reaching out to her for help. She may be the Faeries' last chance for survival.......or their doom.

The Wild Wood was suppose to be part of a 4 book series called Brian Froud's Faerielands. Books based on Brian Frouds paintings but with the similar theme of nature/faerie dying. Each of the 4 books by a different author. Charles de Lint, Patricia McKillip?, Midori Snyder, and Terri Windling. Of the 4 only 2 were ever made. The Wild Wood by Charles de Lint and Something Rich and Strange by Patricia McKillip?. These Books with the original illustrations are now out of print. You can find them sometimes on Ebay or Both books have been reprinted in paperback form but do not have the Brian Froud illustrations.

On a side note Terri Windlings' Woodwife started out as a Faerieland book but turned into something else.

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