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Candida Etoile, the wife of JeanEtoile? and the mother of SophieEtoile, is the personification of the Otherworld's moon.

Every month she leaves the Otherworld so that she can rejuvenate herself in another world for three days. On one such occasion, she visited Newford (where time moves more slowly) and she was found by JeanEtoile?, who let her stay in his guest room. The two had a whirlwind romance, marrying four months after their initial meeting and having their daughter Sophie nine months after that.

Candida had no choice but to return to the Otherworld when she was called back. Three Newford-years after she first met Jean, she was forced to return to the Otherworld, and she was never heard from again. Although this excursion was supposed to leave her rejuvenated, her sadness at abandoning her family left her even weaker than before. This weakness left her susceptible to an attack, and so she was kidnapped by a group of crows who tried to drown her. She was only rescued when her grown-up daughter SophieEtoile entered the world through her dreams and rescued her (TheMoonIsDrowningWhileISleep).

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