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"For when was there such a harper in all the world as the Songweaver? Wild Magic was in his harping and the tales he's said to have writ'...ah, his own life was his greatest tale of all...Old he was when yon oaks were still saplings." (The Oak King's Daughter?)

The husband of Meran Kelledy,the Oak King's daughter. He is also known as Cerin Songweaver and plays the harp. Songweaver is both a name and a title bestowed on him by the Bright Ones. His harp is called Telynrose, the Rose Harp, "Shaped from the heartwood of the rowan tree, decorated with fabulous carvings that seemed to move, to breath, so lifelike were they...the rose inset at the joint of the harp's supports, fresh petaled and grey" (The Oak King's Daughter?). He shares a bond with his harp and can play without needing it physically with him. He is also capable of transporting people across miles and miles with the aid of his music.

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