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Daniel is a nurse at the convalescent home where Jilly is recovering after the hit and run turned her into the Broken Girl. He first appears on page 18. He arrives in response to Sophie "Jinx's" delayed call for help [the button malfunctioned because of Sophie's troubling effect on electrical appliances. Sophie thinks he has the good looks of a soap star and is certain that Jilly will like being looked after by him. She does. They become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Daniel serves the same purpose as Tanya, One of Geordie's girlfriends, I don'y remember the name of the other one. He keeps Geordie and Jilly apart. He is in fact a necessary part of the CdL mythology. Geordie and Jilly can't surrender to their swallow buried passion, because they have a very high set of ethics. They are the ethics of the exploited who have risen above. Truth is action. This is one of the great things about Cdl's writing. His characters have character. I could not imagine them saying one thing and doing another

While Daniel is not a terribly well developed character he serves his purpose well. Since he does it is probable that he has a soul and more of a background that we are unaware of at this point in time. CdL could very well develop Daniel or he may skip book and wind up in someone else's novel.

This is a theme running through books and gives CdL's characters something to speculate about. If only it hadn't been for boyfriend or girlfriend serving to block the romance Jilly and Geordie would be together.

Geordie's brother Cristie Riddell speculates in Spirits in the Wires, perhaps it is not Daniel, but the possibility that Geordie or Jilly is one or the other's shadow.

I'll be back to add or fix this one a bit.

Peace to all

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