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Dick Bobbins is a hob who originally lived in Devon, England. He is two feet tall and like all hobs secretly helps the humans he lived with. He is introduced in the story PixelPixies where he lives behind the furnace of HollyRueUsedBooks in Newford. Each night after HollyRue and her dog Snippet have retired to the apartment over the store, Dick comes out to dust and put books away.

He had lived on one farm in Devon for 212 years until a new family began to take his help with the harvest for granted. He left and a relative suggested he take up residence in a shop, but it took him a while to find one since most already had their own hobs.After traveling through Devon and Somerset, he wound up in a bookstore in Penzance, Cornwall. When it went out of business, the owner emigrated to North America and Dick followed. He learned to read in the owner's new bookstore. He finds himself moving around a lot as stores come and go until at last he ends up at Holly Rue's store.

He also has a minor role in the book Spirits in the Wires.

Appearances in Stories:
Pixel Pixies

Appearances in Books:
Tapping the Dream Tree
Spirits in the Wires

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