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Ellen Brady appears in UncleDobbinsParrotFair.

As a child, Ellen was able to see "Balloon Men," roly-poly men that float 'like errant beach balls, granted a moment's freedom.' As she aged, Ellen stopped being able to see them, since she didn't believe enough. The Balloon Men eventually rescued her from a monster known as 'The Booger.'

She has long brown hair, which hangs down to her waist. She has Irish ("Munster O'Healey's on her mother's side, and Bradys from Derry on her father's") and Spanish heritage, so she has a big-boned frame with dark colouring. Her eyes are a clear grey, "twilight eyes . . . that could see beyond the here and now into somewhere else."

She is a fan of ChristyRiddell's writing.

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