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Imogene is a spirited, punky girl who wound up running with a rough crowd in her old school and decides to try reinventing herself in her new school when she moves with with her rocker brother JaredYeck? and her hippy mom (I'm blanking her her name).

The first freind she makes is MaxineChancey?, which seems to set her up as on the hit list of ValerieClarke? and her boyfriend BrentCalder?, which are quickly dubbed Barbie and Ken by Imogene.

A ghost named AdrianDumbrell? begins following Imogene around, bringing her to the attention of the school faries, and darker spirits. With the help of Maxine and her childhood imaginary friend Pelly? (a.k.a. PellMell?, who doesn't seem so imaginary), Imogene must face these soul-snatching spirits.

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