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Jilly Coppercorn aka Jilly aka Jillian May Carter- Newford artist; Slender with unruly curly brown hair, enjoys wearing clothing that's too big for her, often has paint on her; always in a good mood; called 'relentlessly cheerful' finds the best in everything and everyone, Jilly has a close connection to everything magical and "Otherworld?'ly"; one of the famous Newford art crowd, Jilly appears in many Newford novels and stories; friends with Sophie, Kathy, Izzy, LaDonna? and all the rest; a close friend to ProfDapple. "Soul sister" of Wendy and Sophie. Good friends with GeordieRiddle and is romantically linked with him, though they constantly dance around the topic. She is cursed by the goblins, after accidentally stealing their stone drum in TheStoneDrum, to have knowledge of the Otherworld?. Comes from a very rough past, having been abused as a child; found wandering the streets by Lou, who brings her to Angel?; born with (or gifted with?) an unusually bright spirit-light that is magnified (or given?) by the Earth-mother Nokomis. Moonlights as a waitress at KathrynsCafe. Encounters beings whom she refers to as Gemmins, as her second encounter with the fae.

Part of an artist's group called "Five Coyotes Singing Studio" with IsabelleCopley, SophieEtoile, MegMullally?, and ClaudiaFeder?


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