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John Windle aka TheConjureMan

The Conjure Man is first spotted by WendyStJames in TheConjureMan.

He spends most of his time in the downtown area, riding a red, old-fashioned bicycle with fat tires and only one, fixed gear. He has a wicker basket on the front of his bike, which is where a small mongrel dog, Ginger sits.

John Windle is stout, with a long grizzled beard and a halo of frizzy grey hair. His age is a mystery - anywhere from fifty to seventy. He typically wears a blue jacket and a green undershirt, brown patched corduroy pants, and deep golden-yellow boots. He wears a large black top hat. Nestled in the hatband are a posy of wildflowers and three feathers (white from a swan, black from a crow, brown from an owl).

JillyCoppercorn believes that he is an anima, "a lose bit of myth that got left behind when all the others went on to wherever it is that myths go when we donít believe in them anymore." John Windle himself states that he used to be a giant when the world was young, but because conjuring takes a lot out of you, he has become worn out and has since shrunk.

The last friend Windle had was the Tree of Tales outside the G. Smithers Memorial Library, before the head librarian had her cut down. As a result he tells WendyStJames about the tree and encourages her to plant a new one.

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