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A musician who is also the Oak King's daughter. Meran is tall and thin, with long brown hair that has green highlights. She and her husband Cerin Kelledy are immortal. She plays the flute and can access ancient words of power from a time before words were so easily used.

Appearances in Stories:
A Pattern of Silver Strings?
And the Rafters Were Ringing?
Big City Littles
Da Slokit Light?
Ghosts Of Wind and Shadow
Glass Eyes and Cotton Strings?
Grimalkin? - This is an early incarnation of Meran who little resembles who she is now.
In Mask and Motley?
Laughter in the Leaves?
Pixel Pixies
Second Chances
The Badger in the Bag?
The Bone Woman
The Buffalo Man
The Drowned Man's Reel?
The Lark in the Morning?
The Oak King's Daughter? - this is the first meeting between Cerin? and Meran and Meran is much closer to who she is today.
The Stone Drum
The Three That Came? - This is a very early incarnation of Meran who little resembles who she is now.

Appearances in Books:
Dreams Underfoot
Muse and Reverie
Tapping the Dream Tree
The Ivory and the Horn
Triskell Tales
Waifs and Strays

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