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Christy and Geordie's older brother. A violent person. He died in prison by hanging himself. Christy thought that he was the most resilient of all the brothers. The one who would make something of himself. Due to the practically nonexistent relationship with Paddy, Christy and Geordie try to have a normal relationship and not slip away from each other.

  He is also, sadly, doomed to hang around a building in

the Tombs as a ghost, staring at the building he burned
down and remembering the screams of the two people he
burned with it. (they deserved it)

Edit - He didn't kill himself of his own free will. His body was taken over by the spirit of a girl, Judy Moore who had been killed by a serial killer. Judy had also possessed him to shoot her killer in a gas bar holdup. She came to see him in prison and "rode" his body to make him hang himself so he would become a ghost and help her kill Susan Green, the partner of the serial killer who had killed her. He took years to decide to help Judy and when he did Susan Green and her new freak partner had just killed and tortured another young girl. So Paddy took over the body of the new partner, knocked Susan Green out, poured gasoline over both of them and lit the place on fire. The spirit of Judy went free and Paddy's spirit was doomed to haunt that area of The Tombs where the building had burned. He can see the flames when he closes his eyes and hear the Screams.

Before he helped kill the two serial killers, Paddy's ghost got to visit his two brothers and he was happy to see they were both living a good life. This all took place in the story, "the Witching Hour" which can be found in ""Tapping the Dream Tree.""

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