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Professor Bramley Dapple aka Dapple - teaches art at ButlerUniversity, though not as much after a scandal involving something about a bishop, some old coins and the daughter of a Tarot reader. Has a close connection to Faerie and very interesting theories on how the world works; lets Izzy work in a studio in his house; his manservant is OlafGoonasekara; good friend of Jilly and Christy Riddell. Had been Jilly's sponser for Angel?'s sponsership program.

He is written into one of ChristyRiddell's stories as the wizard in "A Week of Saturdays," the third story in How to Make the Wind Blow.

Dapple is described as "a wizened old man, spry as a kitten, thin as a reed, with features lined and brown as a dried fig. He wore a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles without prescription lenses that he polished incessantly, and he loved to talk." (UncleDobbinsParrotFair)

Appearances in Stories:
The Buffalo Man

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