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Sophie Etoile is one of the Newford art crowd. She is the "soul sister" of JillyCoppercorn since they understand each other so well and because they look so much alike.

Sophie has soft auburn hair, which hangs in ringlets. She is described as having soft features, as though she had been rendered by Rosetti or Burne-Jones. Sophie tends to look tidy, despite generally always wearing t-shirts and baggy cotton pants.

Sophie travels to the Otherworld? in her dreams and founded the city of Mabon?. Her boyfriend JeckCrow lives there.

Jilly believes that Sophie possesses fairy blood, because she is the daughter of the moon (CandidaEtoile).

Part of an artist's group called "Five Coyotes Singing Studio" with IsabelleCopley, JillyCoppercorn, MegMullally?, and ClaudiaFeder?. As an artist, Sophie has a penchant for painting bright colours and loosely-rendered figures.

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