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Fitzhenry Park is Newford's largest and most popular park. In daylight, it isn't so bad, but a whole new creature seems to overtake the Park at night. That, however, is another story.

Often, folks like Georgie or Bones can be found somewhere in Fitzhenry Park making a few dollars. Some of the artits like to come to Fitzhenry for the atmosphere and work on a painting or sketch. Wendy St. James in particular likes Fitzhenry for the inspiration she gets for her poetry.

Among the gardens and trees, you'll find a very special one, the Tree of Tales. Wendy was entrusted with it and gave it stories. That Tree now resides at Fitzhenry Park, growing larger every day with the stories it hears in the breeze or the ones that Wendy herself comes and tells.

Fitzhenry is truly a grand park.

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