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"Timeskip" first appeared in Post Mortem, edited by Paul F. Olson and David B. Silva; St. Martin's Press, 1989. Copyright (c) 1989 by Charles de Lint.



Plot Summary:
"Timeskip," the first Newford story written, focuses on GeordieRiddell, fiddler extraordinaire. Geordie has a crush on SamanthaRey, a clerk at GypsyRecords. Geordie's best friend, JillyCoppercorn convinces him to ask Samantha out on a date. Samantha accepts, and while they're on their date she tells Geordie her secret - every time it rains she sees a ghost walk down her street.

Geordie and Samantha have a whirlwind romance. Every time it rains, Samantha continues to investigates her ghost. During a night out with Jilly, Samantha approaches the ghost and she and Geordie are pulled away from the present time. Jilly manages to call Geordie back, but she is unable to rescue Sam, who disappears along with the ghost. Weeks later, Geordie and Jilly go shopping at MooresAntiques? and Geordie finds Samantha in a photograph from the turn of the century.

Geordie doesn't get closure until Paperjack, in which he finally learns what became of Samantha Rey.

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