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The original Wordwood is a fictional creation of the author Charles de Lint. In a nutshell, it started off as a website created by a few book lovers in Newford as an online database, where everybody could enter material about books, authors, snippets of poetry etc. After a few years, the Wordwood took on a life of its own, as magical things tend to do - and what can be more magical than a collection of information on books and stories? The Wordwood expanded, apparently without anyone being responsible, not existing on any real life webservers anymore, but somewhere in the mythical realm of the Otherworld?. The Wordwood comes up in a number of Charles' stories and novels, but nowhere as extended as in the novel Spirits In The Wires. Get a copy and read, if you want to know more! :-)

This website/Wiki is an attempt to create something like an echo of the Wordwood in the wilderness that is the World Wide Web. Who knows, maybe one day it will start editing itself, but in the meantime, it relies on you, readers and fans of Charles' stories and books, to grow.

So don't be shy, take a notebook and a pencil next time you read a CdL book. If you feel it might cramp your style, why not try it out for a chapter or two? Or try it when you re-read an old favourite (I know you do, don't we all?). I find trying to keep up with the characters and places in a story actually makes me pay more attention and hightens the enjoyment.

Feel free to do as much or as little as you want - it's all up to you!

Again, welcome to the Wordwood. We hope you will become part of this project and enjoy helping create a Real Life Fantasy.

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